Monday, May 21, 2007

Martha Stewart Line at Michael’s Craft Shop

Last week I was in Michael’s Craft Store (chain of craft stores) and I saw that they have a new product line by Martha Stewart. I thought I’d describe some of it for you.

The line is geared toward parties and celebrations and home decoration. There are rubber stamps and clear acrylic stamps to use to make themed invitations, party decorations and thank you notes. For example you can buy a bird rubber stamp sized correctly for an invitation and a thank you note. There are directions for some crafts in full color that are given away free at the display. One shows how to use the bird stamp to make the invitations, place setting cards and thank you notes.

There are many different fonts of lettering available. Those are clear acrylic stamps and they are sorted by font. For example one is serif font and one is sans serif (there are others as well). Within the package there are three different sizes of letters and numbers in that font. I think those were priced at $12.99.

There was also a set of large numbers; I will guess they were three inches high. The package had two different styles of numbers in it and retailed for $14.99.

I bought one package of bird stamps. There are two sets of birds, set A and set B. The store was already sold out of one set so I have no clue what it looks like but my set B has an American Robin for one of the birds. Those are sized perfectly to use on an ATC to fill nearly the whole card. Those stamps are stated to be wood mounted and they are sold in plastic containers. When I got them home and opened the formerly sealed package, I realized they omitted a terrible odor. The wood is not maple as is typical with wood mounted stamps. The wood actually looks like particle board to me (manmade wood made from scraps). The rubber is also beige colored, it is not red rubber and it is not clear acrylic. Actually I don’t even know if it is rubber or if it is some plastic material. Anyway something about the stamps has a terrible smell.

The line of products also has a lot of glitters in many different colors. The glitter colors are so pretty that I was actually contemplating buying some. I am not a glitter person either! There are also glue bases sold so you can mix up your own homemade glitter glue. There is also a line of various Martha Steward adhesives and glues. The sample projects they show display some finished pieces with glitter and they are lovely (and not tacky).

There are themed things for holidays as well. For example there was a separate display of stamps and glitters geared toward Memorial Day and Independence Day with red, silver and blue as the color scheme.

Some of the things can be used to decorate for a party or to decorate the home. One example are sets of Chinese paper lanterns (some may use them for a party while others may keep them in their home as a decoration). There were other decorations and projects to wrap gifts in, to make fancy wrappings for gifts.

There was a large line of ribbon and a ribbon storage system.

There was also a set of die cutting punches in holiday or seasonal themes and in classic Martha type motifs (maple leaf, oak leaf, etc.).

There was stuff to scrapbook with. Some of the papers were in luscious colors typical of Martha Stewart but unlike the usual stuff available at Michael’s and other craft stores.

I felt the prices on the stamps and die cut punches were lower than the norm for other lines in the same craft store. However Michael’s does not discount this line with their coupon. The coupon for 40% off clearly stated that it was not applicable on the Martha Stewart line.

I was tempted by the low cost of the letter stamps and the number stamps. I may use some of my birthday money received as gifts to buy myself some of the Martha Stewart stamps, the alphabet letters, the numbers, and the other set of bird stamps.

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