Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tried Using Metal Tape

Here is what I was doing creatively two weeks ago...
Well after hearing about using metal tape for over a year I finally bought some and tried it.

I hate going to Home Depot, but one day two weeks ago I was alone in the town where a Home Depot is and it struck me to just go in and find the darned tape. In the past my husband had said he couldn't find it.

After much walking all around I finally found the plumbing department. This tape is used to seal the ductwork such as in aluminum heating ducts. I found several brands and lengths but they were thin and also not 2.5 inches wide. I wanted to use them to make ATCs with so I needed it to be over 2.5 inches wide. I finally found one brand whose product was just over 2.5 inches wide. It was heavy duty strength for outdoor use. So now I am not quite sure what real life application this is for but I don't care. In any event since it was the only one they had in stock, it happened to be thicker and stronger and also quite long. So this roll cost me about $18.75. (Other smaller rolls that were not wide enough were priced at about $8.50.)

I then went to A.C. Moore to buy an embossing tool. The product was marked on the shelf as being $4.99 but when it rang up it came to $2.99 (without a coupon).

When I got home I immediately tried it out.

I believe I first learned how to use this medium in the book "Metal Craft Workshop".

Basically I took a piece of cardboard sized to that of an ATC and I put the metal tape on it. The back of it has a layer of adhesive on it. I then folded the edges back over it, so the edges have a nice strong metal edge. I used the embossing tool to carve/draw a design into it. To finish it off I decided to use India Ink to darken and 'age' it. I put the India Ink on, let it dry for a minute then lightly buffed it off the top layer. This left the ink inside the embossed areas so the image or design was more visible to the eye.

When my kids saw that I was doing this they had to have at it as well so we all took turns making ATCs (since I only have one embossing tool).

I also tried to color the metal with alcohol ink but it did not work for me, the color was transparent and barely visible. I would like to know a way to color the designs with a color other than black India Ink.

So far I don't have any stellar designs but I had fun playing around with it, as did my children.

I would like to come up with some designs and sit down and make a whole bunch of ATCs to swap out with others.

Copper Tape
I have seen copper tape used to make ATCs and other artwork and jewelry with. On that same day, I went all over the place at Home Depot and could not find it. I also was unable to find anyone who works there to help me. I had also asked my husband to help me find it when he was there in the past, and he could not find it either. The copper tape is a thin width and is perfect, for example, to put as an edging on a domino that has been altered to create a piece of jewelry or a necklace "charm". It can be used in various applications or also to line the edges of an ATC with. I have no clue what it costs. My next plan will be to visit the tiny hardware store in a nearby town that has KNOWLEDABLE employees and see if they have it. I worry that the cost will be high as I think copper can be expensive, plus to buy from that little shop may cost more than what Home Depot would charge. We'll have to see how that pans out.

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