Thursday, January 10, 2008

Creative Block on an Idea

I am stuck on an idea for a themed ATC swap.

Oddly lately I have the worst creative block on a simple ATC swap that I do once a month that requires that only one ATC be created. I think after many months of being stuck I have figured out what my problem is.

When I have to create a volume of something, 6 or 9 or more ATCs, I just start making stuff and make a bunch and then pick the best to swap out. But when I have to create just one I get stuck and scared almost and want it to be right and perfect.

I'm trying to make an ATC for the theme of "gift".

My first idea was to draw a present. I am not a great drawer, so I scrapped this.

Since I was trying my hand at metal crafting I thought next I'd do a simple graphic of a present but made out of joined metal pieces. I'm having challenges using the eyelets as cold connections so I nixxed that idea.

My newest idea is to not make a present/gift image but to think more in general of a gift. Of something other than material things for gifts. The gift of time. The gift of life. Something like that.

I need to just get making and get this over with.

The weird thing is that for me I already know that the way to break the creative block is to get making art and just make stuff and then new ideas come and stuff gets made, often in abundance. However I have not let myself sit down to make art here at home since way before Christmas.

I am going to make an appointment with myself and make myself follow through. I hereby declare that Friday night after dinner I will have some 'me time' to make art at the kitchen table.

Maybe I can also get that one ATC for the January swap out of the way as well. The theme for January's swap is 'beginnings'.

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Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Hi Christine! It's Friday night and I'm hoping you got your two ATC's done. You're right when you say it helps to just START and it sure feels better when it's over and done with! LOL Hugs!