Monday, January 14, 2008

Haiku Monday, About Today's Snowstorm

The much-hyped snowstorm began last night at 11pm. Depending on where one lives in Connecticut, 3-15 inches will fall. They called for a dangerous commute this morning, that must have caused the town to agree to plow before the last flake fell (my town's usual policy). So the plow woke me up at five in the morning and I've been up ever since.

I used the time to read more of the book "Staring at the Sun". I'm nearly finished with it.

I just decided to take a look outside now that it is getting light out, and so stood on my front steps in my pajamas and robe, snapping photos and taking mental notes to use for Haiku Monday. So here they are.

Snow falls silently
Slow dripping sound in gutter
No man-made sounds though

Every branch coated
The forest a wall of white
Tinted grayish blue

The trees silhouette
All so different, unique
The snow changes them

It is so quiet
Are the creatures all sleeping?
No, squirrels at play.

Nothing is moving
Except two squirrels chasing
Up the great oak tree

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