Saturday, January 05, 2008

I Was Wrong About the Pens

I finally found my issue of Art & Life #9 last night, tucked in someplace where it didn't belong. I re-read the part about where Teesha Moore shared a recommendation for a certain Sharpie pen that works well on top of oil pastel crayon.

I was wrong in my memory and thus ordered a different product than she recommended.

Teesha Moore recommended the Sharpie Poster Paint pen which comes in various tip sizes and colors, including white. She specifically said she does not recommend the oil paint pen. She said the poster paint Sharpie is hard to find but is sold by

Oh well, I had ordered and am using the Sharpie oil paint pen. At times it is leaking and leaving blobs on my paper. It also has a scent that bothers me a little. I don't know if it is just a scent I don't like or if this is a fume that is not so great to be inhaling (to be honest).

I plan to try the Sharpie Poster Paint pen some time in the future!

(I wish there was a local store in my area that sold them so I could just go buy one and not pay big shipping fees or feel pressured to make a big order to 'make the shipping cost worth it'.

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weebug said...

i can so relate to that shipping fee trap!