Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some Scans of My Recent Journalling

Here are a few scans of the journal I am working in right now.

I am guessing the size of the journal is 10x10 inches so the scans are not showing all of the page. This is a blank book that I bought maybe five or six years ago but was 'afraid' to write in. I'm working on filling up all the blank books I own right now, what else are they good for? I don't want them just hogging up shelf space!!

While out of town last week I colored 56 backgrounds with water soluble oil pastel crayon and then used water to blend them. I also did some journaling onto the pages.

(My boys then wanted in on the fun and they both did some of their own drawing with the crayons and using water. My younger son also asked to do some of the water application on the pages I was prepping.)

Here is a more light journal page I did.

Here are two facing pages waiting to be journaled upon.

This is pretty emotional writing in my journal. I had not intended to show this to anyone but here it is anyway. I wanted to show that not all of my journal pages are happy pastel colors and not all of my thoughts and writing are super-upbeat, happy and light.

More pages that I create and work on while at home will contain more collage on top of the colored backgrounds. I was working with very limited material while away (the magazines I’d brought along to read while on the trip).

The inspiration to try water soluble oil pastel crayons was from Teesha Moore.

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