Monday, October 24, 2005

Finished "Same Background" ATC Swap

I finished making the five ATCs for the "Same Background" swap on Saturday afternoon. The backgrounds were made by the swap hostess and were yellow and a deep red color, with a marbleized paint effect.

The afternoon started out with plans to sew Halloween costumes for both of my sons. I was intimidated by the project so I phoned my mother to make arrangements for her to help me with it on Sunday afternoon. Then I sat down to create ATCs.

My husband was busy watching the Notre Dame football game so he was busy and happy. The kids joined in and made a couple of ATCs then they went off to play with LEGOs.

I had worked on this swap twice already and had creative block. This time the blocks were gone. I had fun making the ATCs. I plan to post them soon.

It was nice to have the free time to do the artwork on the front of the cards as well as have the time to make the backs, glue them on, prepare the ATCs for mailing and gather some ephemera and other gifts for the hostess. I gave her some antique ribbon which I found stored in a box that my grandmother had packed away in 1950. I also gave her four background cards for ATCs that I made last week with watercolor paint on watercolor paper. I then weighed the package, checked the postage calculator on the Internet and put the postage on. Done, with a week before the deadline. It is nice to not rush for a deadline.

This morning the package goes in the mail. Hooray!

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