Sunday, October 09, 2005

Great Tag Sale Find for ATC Storage

Today I was driving down the road and I noticed a church harvest festival. I noticed up in the back, what looked like a tag sale. The festival had recently ended and they were cleaning up, but I went in for a look. I was hoping to find some old board games for inexpensive prices, that I could use pieces of for making ATCs.

What I did find was an old, aged, wooden, plain recipe holder box, for 3x5 inch recipe cards. It was marked $1. I was thrilled. Sticking out of it was an envelope and I didn't even look inside of it. I assumed they were blank recipe index cards. When I got home I realized they were clear plastic sleeves. These are perfect for use to protect ATCs while in storage or when mailing them.

Now I can take my ATCs out of the zip top plastic baggie!


Simple doesn't take much to make me happy.

Oh, and I did find one child's dinosaur game (for 25 cents) which, if it is a dud to play with, I may recycle the parts to make ATCs with.

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