Friday, June 22, 2007

My Collage: Marilyn Monroe

I made this 5 x 7 inch collage a few weeks ago. I made it then cut it into four pieces to become four artist trading cards.

This was made while in that wonderful creative flow zone while listening to music. I just relaxed and let the collage put itself together while I sifted through my ephemera.

Elements used:
background is tissue paper that came with a new pair of mens shoes (replica of stock quotes)

Marilyn Monroe images from a book that got water damaged and mildew-y

book and watch image from gift wrap paper which a mail art swapper gave me

hand and drink from junk mail

butterfly die cuts (punches) of magazine pages

garden image from a garden seed mail order company (junk mail)

two images from a UNICEF mail order catalog that I used a square die cutter (punch) to cut from

orange-ish piece is a photograph from my wedding that I altered with bleach

Scraps from other projects:

map images with white gesso painted on the top

purple tissue paper

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