Thursday, June 14, 2007

Working On Flower Photo ATCs

For the last month I've been taking digital photos of spring flowers, both "just because" and also for a flower photo ATC swap I'm participating in.

I kept forgetting, though, to look at the images and select which would be good to make the ATCs with. I finally sat down and did that yesterday.

Then I had my husband resize them and upload them to Costco to be printed out. (I don't print my own photos at home.)

Today I ran over to Costco to pick up the photos.

After dinner I trimmed the photos. I cut the cardstock to ATC size. I then adhered the photo to the stiffer, thick cardstock background.

They are drying now then tomorrow I will sign the backs and send out my swap for Flower Photo ATCs.

I also have a lot of extras for future trading on hand!

This is the first time I am making ATCs with straight photos (unaltered).

I also saved some of the trimmings and will alter those with bleach then use them to make abstract collages in the future.

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