Monday, June 11, 2007

Spring Activities Hinder Art Making

I have been busy with spring activities, or shall I say our family has?

We have been doing hikes and other outdoor adventures in Connecticut State Parks as part of a competition/family event called No Child Left Inside/Great Park Pursuit. So far we have gone to five different state parks (one was a 90 minute drive each way and another was over two hours). The driving and the activities have been using our time.

We had a few year-end special Cub Scout events. I spent a day outdoors at another nature preserve where my children take a class, for the special last day/graduation, last week.

I have attended two different two-day conferences which took me away from home and got my mind completely off of art.

We took the patio furniture out of the garage and put it out on the deck. Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage, sweeping dust away, spider webs and getting rid of a mouse nest.

The fun we've been having as a family and spending time outside has been robbing me of my art-making time. I think that is okay to have things fluctuate based on the seasons. However I am signed up for swaps for ATCs and I'm now getting down to some deadlines, down to the wire.

I will be making time today (even if I have to stay up late) to finish some ATCs and get them ready for swapping.

I think then I will have to slow down on signing up for committments to do swaps. I'll give myself time to enjoy the summer with my husband and children and will make art when I feel like it. Hey, I may just stockpile ATCs to swap out in the future and resume hosting swaps in the fall with gusto (using ATCs already 100% completed).

I hope you enjoyed your spring and that you also enjoy your summer, whether it is still making a lot of art or whether you are slowing down a bit for the season!

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