Monday, June 04, 2007

Made Five ATCs Friday Night

Friday night while my husband prepared dinner I sat at the kitchen table, chatted with him and made five ATCs.

I pulled out already-prepared backgrounds which I made in the past.

I pulled out a little Rubbermaid container which I have tiny scraps of paper in and cancelled postage stamps. I scattered these little papers on the table and began looking through them.

Certain postage stamps jumped out at me as interesting. I then looked for backgrounds that would compliment those colors. Working quickly I pulled paper scraps with other complimentary colors.

Using acrylic gel medium soft matte (Golden brand), I adhered the papers to the backgrounds.

Voila, four ATCs were finished!

For the last ATC I looked through a falling apart insect field guide for interesting images. I chose a potato beetle and cut it out very carefully (not easy). I then collaged that onto a background which was a crackle finish made with acrylic paints. It needed something else. On the next page was some great artwork showing asparagus and the eggs of the asparagus beetle on the stalks. I chose parts without the eggs and cut them out carefully. I made an interesting composition that looked good to my eye and voila, the fifth was finished.

I have been trying or wishing to have a many hours long block of time to make some ATCs in. It is not working out due to a busy schedule of appointments and going places and being away from home for the whole day and things like that. I am left to squeeze in time here and there to make ATCs in.

Also yesterday it was brought to my attention that a scan I uploaded just a few days ago which was viewable and fine is no longer viewable here on my blog. Blogger is having problems with photo uploading abilility. Now something must be amiss with just viewing graphics/photos that were already uploaded in the past. I barely have time to blog here let alone deal with problems like that so for a while I won't be uploading scans of my ATCs, I guess.


Kari said...

Sobbing quietly to myself and rocking in my chair.

I want to see the potato beetle one, I wanna seeeee itttttt!

Hugs and sniffs
Kari x

christinemm said...

Okay I just uploaded them. Just for you Kari!