Monday, June 18, 2007

Thoughts on Making Photo ATCs

I just finished a swap of flower photo ATCs.

I found the most fun part was keeping my eye peeled for good subjects, then taking the images.

Not as fun was looking through the photos on the computer to see which came out well and which would look good on an ATC.

Very not fun was uploading the photos to Costco’s photo developing website then driving down there to get them.

Not fun was realizing I sized the photos incorrectly and that each needed individual trimming.

I made way more photos than I needed for this swap of nine ATCs so I had a lot of work to do.

I didn’t want to send the ATC out on just photo paper so I then trimmed very thick paper, thicker than normal cardstock, to ATC size. I then used Golden acrylic gel medium in soft gloss to glue the two together.

During drying, they warped a bit, bending in a slight arc. I can only hope that they will flatten out over time or that when placed in nine pocket sleeves that they will lie flat.

I now have a ton of left over flower photo ATCs to swap out.

It was a very different process to have the creative thing done separate from the construction. I am more used to collage when the creating is done at the same exact time as the construction.

I got the ATCs packed up and ready to go out in today’s mail.

Now I need to scan them and upload the images to my blog if I can find the time to do that!

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