Thursday, September 08, 2005

"East Meets West" ATC: Series: Riding the Rails

"East Meets West". #1 in a series of 8 for a swap for the Yahoo Group! "artisttradingcards", titled "Riding the Rails". Created 9/8/05. Original. Collage with embellishment of a metal lock.

The background is a page of text about trains.

The image is a copy of a little collectible trading card which I believe came in breakfast cereal, sometime in the 1970s. Note the not-policitally correct and not-historically correct image of a Native American watching the celebration of the two trains coming together. I don't believe this really happened. I say this is not-politically correct as I believe that Native Americans were very upset about the railroad and they would never have watched in the crowd like that. At least he is frowning.

The embellishment came with a bag of bargain buttons from the craft store, which I purchaed a few years ago and have been using to make crafts with my children. The lock is to symbolize the east and west coming together with the transcontinental railroad. I would have preferred tha the lock be opened but I was worried that if I cut it with a metal snipper that the edges would be sharp. I added the embellishment as I felt that it looked too plain without something else added to it.


marion009 said...
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Wanda said...

Hey, Christine - these are really great atcs! I love the subject of trains, and your pictures/papers that you used for them are so charming and interesting. I think this one, and Jacob's Ladder are my two favorites.

Wanda said...

It's me again. ;) This is a FANTASTIC idea - changing this blog to write about your thought process in creating your art work! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember seeing that image somewhere before.