Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Made Some "Produce" ATCs on Saturday and Sunday

Last Saturday we had a busy morning going to a typical country fair in New England. I decided to spend some time relaxing and making some ATCs for a swap I am participating in about "produce" and the harvest.

I also spent time on Sunday afternoon making more "produce" ATCs.

I decided to use an old seed catalog that I had actually saved since 2003. Please note that I had recycled the 2004 and 2005 catalogs in the name of trying not to be a packrat. I don't know how the 2003 catalog was saved but I was happy about it. This catalog is excellent for decoupage and ATCs. It is from a seed company called Shumway's. All of the illustrations are done in the old fashioned ink style hand drawsings. Some of the illustrations are in color and are on glossy paper. Most of the catalog is on newsprint with black line illustrations. The images are gorgeous and are for vegetables, fruits, and herbs. If you want this catalog I am sure you can sign up to receive one, on their website. My catalog usually arrives the week after Christmas. I only receive one per year.

I made various collage ATCs using cutouts from the Shumway's catalog. Each page has a nearly-life sized tie photograph on it. I also used an old Hermes tie catalog that I saved to use in collage artwork with my children.

I made my first hand drawn ATC by trying to copy an illustration from the seed company. It was with black pen on a white background. I decided to spruce it up with colored crayons.

For the first time I used mini rubber stamps for letters to spell words. I also was inspired by the way I clean my rubber stamps, to randomly stamp blank ATC background cards with the used stamps until the ink was all gone. This made an interesting effect.

I colored in one black and white image with my favorite colored pencils (Berol Prismacolor).

Some of the ATCs I loved while others were mediocre. I had to make nine for this swap. Somehow I lost track and actually made 12.

I will post photos when I have time.

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Wanda said...

I really like how you go into the thought process behind your art work. Hand drawn atcs are my favorites, so while I am anxiously awaiting ALL the photos, that one especially peaks my interest.