Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Jacob's Ladder: Mt. Washington Railway" ATC: Series: Riding the Rails

"Jacob's Ladder: Mt. Washington Railway". #7 in a series of 8 for a swap for the Yahoo Group! "artisttradingcards", titled "Riding the Rails". Created 9/8/05. Original. Collage.

This collage began with a map which is actually an atlas of where railroad lines were on a certain date. I chose New England to put on the ATC as that is where I live.

I had this postcard from about 1925 and loved this illustration, of the Mt. Washington Railway which we now call the "Cog Railway". I decided to use it on this ATC. I placed it such that New Hampshire would still show.

I loved the font of "Purchase Tickets" which came from the same black and white illustration I used in my ATC titled "From Erie". Since Mt. Washington Cog Railway is a tourist destination I thought this sounded good here, to purchase tickets to ride the train. The only way I could fit this phrase onto the card and not block the map was to put it on a diagonal. Unfortunately it didn't quite fit so the "P" got cut off, that was unintentional. I wanted to make sure that New Hampshire still was visable.

I didn't like the upper left hand corner showing a bit of the map so I wanted to cover it up. I used a flower illustration from the same postcard booklet in that spot.

I was going to change the title to "Purchase Tickets" but I had already written the info on the back of the card and was rushing to finish it to get it in the mail for the deadline.

I love this ATC, because of the colors and the antique illustration of the train, the flower, and thelovely font of "puchase tickets". This is my favorite one in the series. I hope the new owner enjoys this!

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Wanda said...

And this is my other favorite. That is one awesome bridge!