Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thoughts on some other people’s ATCs

I have been looking at other people’s ATCs on the web. I am amazed at the variety out there. I am in awe of the artists who do hand drawn ATCs.

I have been impressed by some of the images that I see, such great vintage photos and wonderful postage stamps. However, I found out that some of them are actually reproductions as printed on papers sold in the scrapbooking sections of craft stores. I was less impressed at that point. Call me a snob if you want to. I like the idea of an actual old postage stamp being used instead of a photocopy.

I see quite a number of people using embellishments. I am wondering where I can buy some of these, locally. I do see some internet stores selling them. They are not expensive but they are too much to spend on a small purchase with a shipping fee larger than the cost of the item. Then again, I am trying to make ATCs out of things I already own rather than buying items to use.

I don’t see many people using current magazine cutouts for collage. I see vintage magazine cutouts being used. Some of my first ATCs were made with cutouts from magazines I had around the house. I guess I am doing things differently than other people. My first thought was that I should change my method. I am trying to not be swayed by other people. Art is not necessarily about following the crowd. I am sticking to doing what I want with the materials I have on hand. This is about having fun, not feeling weird for not conforming with the masses.

I also realize that a number of ex-scrapbookers or current scrapbookers are now doing ATCs. I have seen ATCs that use embellishments intended for scrapbooking on the ATC. Some of the ATCs are only a collection of these such things. I find this interesting.

I love that we can all do our own thing. Art for art’s sake. I do hope people enjoy my ATCs, though.

With this said, I have a swap due in four days and need to get working on it. Homeschooling and mothering my children has taken priority and I have been concentrating on that. But with a deadline looming it is time to get creating. Maybe I will stay up late tonight and do it while everyone else is sleeping.

I sent in a swap that had to include a number on the ATC. I scanned the ATCs and will post them when I can.

I have yet to receive my first swap, the train themed swap. It should be here any day now. I can’t wait to see the ATCs that I receive!


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Janeen said...

Hey girl! I saw your post on ATC world and came to read your beautiful blog! I'd like to comment on this one, and let you know that I am a member of abtraders, a yahoo group for trading embeleshments (not buying, just trading). I also know that many folks that host ATC swaps get embeleshments from those that participate. Also, by listing your name in a RAK database in the various ATC groups, you'll get embeleshments that way. As you are so very fond of doing things your own way, I would recommend picking up your own locally...napkins, little bits of fluff found on the street, pieces of that favorite sweater that is falling apart. Also, for my own cards and art, I adore stopping at the Goodwill or ARC thrift stores. Near the home section, they have little baggies filled with old game pieces, bits of fabric and broken toys...perfect embeleshments! Anyway, good luck, and I do hope to trade with you someday!


christinemm said...

Hi Janeen, Thanks for all the ideas!!