Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Their watches must keep nearly perfect time" ATC: Series: "Riding the Rails"

"Their watches must keep nearly perfect time". #5 in a series of 8 for a swap for the Yahoo Group! "artisttradingcards", titled "Riding the Rails". Created 9/8/05. Original. Collage.

The background illustration is from a children's book about the history of railroads. I loved this image. I snipped the caption from the illustration and put it at the top.

At first I put a cutout of a steam locomotive on the right side, but it ripped. I couldn't fix it or remove it so I had to cover it up. I was worried if I kept it there ripped, that the ATC would be considered of poor quality and I didn't want to disappoint the person who received this ATC for the trade. I had a hard time finding an image that would fit there but not be so large as to detract from the main background illustration. I decided to use the small image of the train, which is an antique postcard from about 1925 and shows what we now call the Mt. Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire. That image was too small to fit there, as I had cut it out to try to use elsewhere previously. I ended up pieceing background colors from another part of the antique souvenir postcard book there, to block out the steam locomotive. I then glued the little train image on top.

I saw the railroad crossing image in the model train catalog and felt I should use it on one of the ATCs for this series so placed it on this one.

The last thing I did was add the phrase "time zones", which was cut out from the index of the same children's book that the background illustration came from.

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Wanda said...

Good way to save a 'boo-boo'. But sometimes torn things add to the 'ambiance' of a work. When I am collaging (not often these days) I frequently tear things rather than cut them. Many times I like the rough edge look best. It depends.
That Railroad Crossing image is one that looks like it would come in handly in a variety of collage works.