Friday, September 30, 2005


While reading a blog written by someone who makes ATCs, I learned of this fun website. (Sorry, I forgot to write down the blog name!)

I found out about this fun and cool (and free) website:

This is fun to play with if you have time to spare.

You type in a word then run the program. It searches google images site for images linked to that word, and it uses text found for that word also. It uses a computer program to scramble the images and words and changes the colors, for a collage effect. You never know what will turn up. You can do more than one try for each keyword if you want or ask it to make a new image over and over with the same background, etc.

I played with this a few weeks ago. I saved some of my favorites to my hard drive by using the mouse's right button to click on the image and following the usual procedure for saving a document.

With homeschooling the world is the classsroom

I loved that with the (just the) keyword "Homeschooling" a map image came up. This made me think "with homeschooling the world is the classroom".

Anyway, it is inspiring for those of us who like to get some ideas for collage-making.

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