Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Altered Book Article in a Local Newspaper

Today a local newspaper had a front page story about altered books. The focus was on their use in 6th & 7th grade public school classroom in a town called Sherman. The newspaper that ran the article is called Danbury News Times. Danbury is a city in Connecticut, United States. Here is the link to the online article.

The teacher had the students transform the old books into AB’s that ‘had a message’ plus had an aesthetic value.

I think it is great that altered books are being made in the classroom. It is a different way to express what a person has to say. The only thing I will add is that not all altered books have to have such strong messages nor do they have to all be ‘politically correct’ as the topics in the article are. Altered books can just be nice to look at or have less serious or outright humorous themes. However, I can understand that the teacher would ask the students to come up with a message or theme to get their creative juices flowing and/or to justify to the school that this is a worthwhile project.

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