Thursday, March 02, 2006

Weird Coincidence Beeswax Collage & Claudine Hellmuth

I tried beeswax collage once and it failed. I was going by memory on the directions and I was not using a quilting iron or a melting pot (which is why it failed).

Last night I was thinking I should try beeswax collage again. I was inspired by some photos that a person on a chat list shared with the chat group which showed some of her first time artwork which were two beeswax collages. Then I was inspired by a person who was brand new to ATCs who made lovely pirate themed beeswax collage ATCs.

On one chat list a person asked about the technique to use and someone responded "go read Claudine Hellmuth's book titled Collage Discovery Workshop".

I own that book but hadn't looked at it in a while. So to make a long story short last night I took the book with me to bed and read the chapters about beeswax collage. I immediately began wondering when I could get my hands on a quilting iron and a melting pot so I could start creating.

I then turned the TV on to see what TiVo had for us to choose from to watch on television. There were two Carol Duvall shows that recorded yesterday. The first show I turned on gave a preview of a beeswax collage technique! I then recognized some of the collages on display as being Claudine Hellmuths (before Carol Duvall announced that the guest was Claudine Hellmuth).

The Carol Duvall show has a website hosted on HGTV which shows all the projects demonstrated on the show. Directions for every project are given in detailed text and accompanied by step-by-step photographs. Here is the link to the show with Claudine Hellmuth and beeswax collage. It is episode CDS-1756.

I can't wait to try doing beeswax collage with 'the right technique'.

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