Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Carol Duvall Show with Claudine Hellmuth

I was surprised to see Claudine Hellmuth on a Carol Duvall Show that aired yesterday (episode CDS-1916). TiVo recorded it for me and I was happy to find it sitting in my ‘now playing’ list last night. In this episode, Hellmuth demonstrated “photocopy printmaking collage”. This process is also taught in her book “Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected” (which I own, enjoy, and have been using).

Here is the link to this episode's Carol Duvall show Internet archive. You can read the steps in the process and see color photographs of the steps, as well.

I was tempted to try this technique a few weeks ago after reading the directions in the book. I visited A.C. Moore and two Michael’s craft shops and could not find gum Arabic (a necessary ingredient for this process) in the fine art aisle where other products made by this company are sold (maybe they were sold out). So, I have not tried this process yet. I hope to try it in the future, though!

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christinemm said...

I received this via email and wanted to share it here.
<<... while we are at it, I've been meaning to drop you a personal note, anyway. You and I are on a few of the same boards and I wanted to tell you I always enjoy your messages, whether they be information you are sharing or responses to other people's questions. I have also visited your blog and have enjoyed reading about your thoughts and opinions on your projects and the books you've read (I've really enjoyed Claudine Hellmuth, too). Anyway, just wanted to tell you--I like your demeanor.
Have fun!
Denise >>