Monday, March 13, 2006

Had Enough of Pointed Party Hats

This weekend I took a 40% off coupon to Michael's craft store to buy a copy of Somerset Studios magazine, March/April 2006 issue. (The magazine costs $8 per issue! By using the 40% coupon it is less expensive than buying a subscription.)

I am only part-way through the magazine. I have a challenge for the publishers.

Can get do one issue that does not show any pointed party hats affixed to vintage or even modern pictures? Is that possible?!?

I am seriously considering writing them a short note with that challenge.

The more I see pointed party hats the more I hope that the fad ends. It was whimsical at first but when everyone is doing it, it becomes commonplace and is no longer funny.

I predict that some day people will look back on some of those altered faces and think, "Why was that done? I don't get it."

1 comment:

christinemm said...

I received this by email in response to this blog entry:
"Hey Christine- It's so funny that you mentioned the
pointed hats! I had just pointed out to my husband (no
pun intended) the overuse of this Teesha Moore thing.
I agree, between the pointed hats and wing thing, I
say- let's move on to something else!