Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My ATC: Sunday Picnic

The title of this ATC is "Sunday Picnic". This was made for a swap called "found photos". The swap hostess sent me some antique photos and I had to use an original photo in each ATC.

I decided to work on this lady but it proved to be so challenging that it gave me creative block.

Originally cropped the large photo one way and started the ATC but I didn't like it I decided to crop it down further. Rather than cutting it with straight lines I decided to use my tag shaped die cutter.

I liked the oak trees and the views of the park and the picnic table too much to crop them out and just use a close up of this lady.

Since this lady is at a park with a picnic table in the background, it seemed to me perhaps she was on a Sunday picnic. I also thought she was posing a bit such as perhaps she is posing for her lover.

I noticed her dress looks like a warm weather dress. I noticed that the trees were bare. I guessed this was a warm October day.

I used an Elizabeth Brownd rubber stamp to put images on the background paper which is handmade paper from India which I purchased at the craft shop. That paper has flecks of plant material in it, which may be hard to see on this scan. Perhaps you can see the brown leaf on the left side of the ATC? The browns in the ATC inspired the edging color which is rubber stamp ink.

I hand wrote on the card "October 20th, Picnic at the Park with S." on the upper corner, to try to explain that the ATC is memorializing an event (which I made up in my head).

I ended up liking the ATC in the end. Finishing up this ATC held me up with sending in the swap. This ATC took nearly a month to finish due to repeated creative block.

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Wanda said...

This is a great ATC! I just love it. I agree with you about including the trees. Love the tag shape, too.

christinemm said...

Thanks for the compliment Wanda! It gave me such trouble that I hope that whoever now owns it, likes and enjoys it!