Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kenmore Stamp Company (Postage Stamps)

A few weeks ago my parents gave me their Sunday newspaper coupon flyer. In that amongst the grocery store coupons was an offer from Kenmore Stamp Company to buy 500 postage stamps from around the world for $2.00 with free shipping and handling.

I was ecstatic as I knew I could use them when making ATCs or other artwork such as collages.

At $2.00 even I could afford it!

I sent off the check and waited. The stamps arrived today and I am thrilled.

They also sent along a bunch of little packets of stamps with their prices and an envelope to return them if I don't want them. I get to pick if I want any of them or all of them. I have to pay the postage to get the unwanted stamps back to them. I looked over the stamps and some are very interesting. Some are 20 cents each on average while others are more expensive or less expensive. I am not sure how this price compares to buying something such as a sticker at a craft store for use on a piece of art. Some of the packets sell for under $1 and some are $1.50 and up to $3.50.

I am going to sit down with my kids now and look these over. I may grab the world atlas so we can find some of the countries as we look through them.

I saw this same offer on their website but for some reason I could not get it to populate without an additional shipping and handling fee.

If you are interested in this offer I would advise you to check their website then to possibily try and call them to ask about not charging extra shipping (as they do with the offer the published in the Sunday newspaper).

This offer is #FH-010 "500 worldwide stamps", is listed at $2.00 and limited to a one time offer per customer.

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