Saturday, April 22, 2006

What to Do Today?

Well the Cub Scout Earth Day project we were supposed to do today was postponed. It is 42 degrees and raining hard. It is a raw, raw day.

The rest of my day is free. Here are my options. A.C. Moore is having a special event today, a craft festival. I can attend, take free classes, see free demo’s and do “make and take’s”. They also let customers use one 50% off coupon during this event. The store is a 20 minute drive (without traffic).

A rubber stamp store and a scrapbook store which I have never been to, is having a big event where people bring their used rubber stamps and sell them for cheap prices to other crafters. The two stores have big sales, I am told. This is a once per year, annual event. That is a 50 minute drive (without traffic).

I could stay home and make art with what I have on hand. I need to finish some ATCs for some swaps that I am participating in.

Due to the rain, the traffic is sure to be bad today. Around here, people go shopping for fun, on rainy days. The highways get more clogged than usual due to slower driving due to the rainy conditions.

We don’t have any errands that need doing. So far today we are relaxing with the kids. I have been writing and blogging. My husband had played Parcheesi with the boys.

In an attempt to not put the heat back on, we have lit fires in two fireplaces. It is not working so well as my bedroom is 59 degrees!

I think that after writing all of this I will just stay home, use what I have, not spend any more money, and have fun making art.

I am going to go find something good to listen to while making art, either a recorded lecture about homeschooling or education or an audio book. I am going to ask my husband to download an audio book from a nearby library onto my MP3 player, perhaps “Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain. I am going to see if there is some way to rig it so that the whole family can hear it rather than just one person using the MP3 player. That sounds like more fun than driving in the rain and dealing with traffic, and spending money that I don’t have. Sitting here and writing this has helped me think through the options.

Thanks for listening!

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