Sunday, April 23, 2006

Technique ATC Swaps Rather Than Themes

I am really happy that on one of my ATC chat lists (the main one I swap with and stay current on emails with) the swaps lately are more general and technique based. When I first joined the list last summer nearly all were themes such as “railroad/trains” etc. I prefer a more open ended swap such as this because it allows me to have more room for my personal style or even the possibility to use what I have rather than having to find images that I don’t already own.

Here are some that are open now which are technique based:

Cloisonne Swap (rubber stamping technique which Michael Strong created)
Doodle Swap
Fabric (must use fabric)
Favorite Swap (anything that is your favorite, a color, a theme, a method)
Fiber (use any fiber, in any way)
Leftovers (use stuff you already own)
Mixed Media Block Collage
Newspaper (use only newspapers to make ATCs)
Recycle Swap (use what you already have at home)
Rubber Stamp Fun (use a rubber stamp on it)
Spanish Text (must have Spanish text on it)

Right now I am hosting two swaps (one deadline is May 1 and the other is May 31). I signed up to participate in two other swaps. If I have time I will do some of the swaps listed above.

What I do if possible is make my ATCs first then sign up and send the ATCs in at that point. I find that in that way if I have creative block or not enough time to meet the deadline that I don’t have to back out of a swap nor am I forced to send in ATCs which I feel are low quality (due to my creative block or time constraints).

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