Monday, April 10, 2006

Publishing a Book in CD-ROM Format: A Great Idea from Lisa Vollrath!

Now here is a great idea from a creative entrepreneur. Lisa Vollrath is an artist. She has been publishing an e-newsletter called The Monthly Muse. (You can download one free trial issue, here.)

That idea in and of itself to publish an e-newsletter is brilliant as she can write her articles and receive payment for them but does not have to deal with the hassles of printing and distribution of paper newsletters. I think of the e-newsletter as kind of a blog or a website in another format, which people pay to read.

Now Lisa Vollrath is publishing a CD-ROM which contains PDF documents and clip art. This is not an e-Book as the content is not transmitted from a website onto the customer’s computer hard drive which is what an e-Book is. You buy the CD-ROM then view and read the contents on your computer. I am guessing that you can print these off on your home printer if you want to read it on hard copy.

You can also use the clip art digitally or can print it out onto paper to use. Note the Angel Policy about use of the clip art.

The offering at present is a CD-ROM “How To Collection” about Paper Art Dolls. You can read about it here. The cost is $9.99 plus shipping.

What a great idea to publish a book on CD-ROM. The publisher is cut out; the copies of the CD-ROM can be made right on a home computer. This is a unique form of self-publication with little up-front costs and no worry about where to inventory and store the product!

It seems to me that the hardest thing is the layout of the documents, making the documents look appealing to the eye. Also one would have to purchase the Adobe program to convert the computer files to PDF format.

Hmmm, perhaps I should use this model to publish some sort of CD-book or whatever this type of ‘book’ is called!

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