Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Online A.C. Moore Coupon Link & Michael's Coupon Info

I just discovered this a few days ago!

It appears that the weekly coupon for A.C. Moore is available online, for free! You can print off numerous copies if you are going to visit the store more than one time in the week.

In my area, there is a Michael's Craft Store one mile away from A.C. Moore. Both Michael's and A.C. Moore accept their competitor's coupons. Therefore now when making a craft shop run I can print off these coupons for free and then hit both stores on the same day, to buy two things instead of just one thing per shop.

These coupons are also in the newspaper but I don't subscribe to the newspaper.

The A.C. Moore coupon comes out on Wednesday. The Michael's coupon comes out on Sunday. (If one comes out.) The coupons have been coming out nearly every week for the last eight months since I've been shopping in those stores again.

According to the Michael's craft store website, they don't release their coupons online.

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