Monday, April 24, 2006

Spanish ATC Scans--- These Are Not Finished

I scanned my unfinished Spanish text swaps to share with you. I have creative block on these.

These ATCs are for a swap that must use Spanish writing in the swap. The hostess sent each participant 12 pages from books that were written in Spanish. We had to use the Spanish text/writing in some way/any way on the ATCs.

I had trouble matching up the literal content of the pages to a themed ATC. I decided to use the writing from the book as a background sheet.

So far these have at least three layers of acrylic paints or acrylic glazes on them. They are also rubber stamped with pigment dye ink. I worked on these on three different days. One of the challenges of working with paint is waiting in between coats for it to dry.

Now I am stuck.

My inspiration for these was a piece of art published in the current issue of Somerset Studio magazine. I usually don’t do it, but this time I used one piece of art as the inspiration and I tried to copy it, but not an exact copy. What the artist for that piece did that I am not going to do is add a word spelled out in those typewriter keys that you can buy at the craft store in the scrapbook aisle. I also did not have the exact colors of the project but used similar colors.

I need to figure out what to do with these next. I have three weeks until the deadline. For now I have shelved these and am working on other projects. Help. Any feedback is welcome.

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inki said...

Watching to see how these turn out! nice going. :)

Tricia Scott said...

hi. i want you to know how much i enjoy both of your blogs. i always feel a connection to what you write. i am also a homeschool mom and i like to be creative, mostly with photography and writing, but lately with collage. i actually have gotten hooked and could spend all day doing cutting and pasting...mostly making cards.
i just discovered ATC, actually through your writing, and i am itching to try one. my husband takes my daughter to the YMCA on tuesday nights so i will play around tonight.:)
anyway, i felt like i should let you know how much i admire your writing and when i read your inquiry for suggestions i felt like i had an idea to share.
first let me say...i think the cards are simply gorgeous just the way they are. you have such a wonderful eye for design.
the one with the round moon face caught my eye first and i imagined several small stars cut or punched from an old dictionary page pasted on the ATC but not covering the face and maybe a spanish dictionary entry for "moon" at he bottom. just a flash of an idea i had :)...
maybe that will help get the "flow" going again.
thank you for your posts,
p.s i just recently discovered and thought of that as a way to make a little income. my husband sells real estate and the market has been slow to the point of living off credit cards (which we hate doing, of coures :() since november. things are looking up, however i am trying to wrack my brain to come up with ways to make money.
have you ever thought of doing the etsy thing?
as soon as things get better for our family monetarily i have a whole list of books i want to order from amazon. i will order by going through your blog. i think i remember reading that helps you, right?
well...have a wonderful day!

christinemm said...

Tricia, you are so sweet.

If you want to chat about ATCs consider joining the Yahoo Group! called ATC_World.

You can join some swaps there. You can also lurk and read posts. Everyone there is so helpful and I have learned a lot from them.

I am on another list for ATCs but they don't allow much chat, they want to just be a place for swaps and then to only talk about the 'topic of the week'. Oh well.

Thanks for the compliments!

I know about etsy but thought my art was not good enough for someone to buy.

I seldom get compliments on what I do. Mostly on the chat lists at least there are fads that are 'in style' and then some people only like to do that exact type of thing and they are critical of anyone who is trying their own 'thing'.

I hope you do make an ATC tonight. Have fun!!