Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My ATCs: Junk Mail Challenge

In December 2006 I partipated in an ATC swap on We were required to ONLY use junk mail to create the ATC with.

I ended up making a few extras once I got on a roll.

This first one used a travel brochure which was to tour some European areas including visiting small villages. I love map images and could not resist using this brochure. This is simple collage. The base was a recycled food container box with black gesso painted on it for the background.

"The Art of Time" is a quirky fun ATC made from an American Express brochure. They were trying to get us to use our AmEx points to buy designer watches. I was glad that this woman's face was the right size for an ATC. I got playful with the watch face for an eye. Those are page numbers in the corners, as you can see I went with the odd numbers in a geometric, block type pattern.

"Are You Blue?" is the title of this. The base is a cardstock junk mail piece trying to get us to buy tickets to see an ice hockey game or a season pass or something. The statue is from a travel brochure to someplace in Europe that came in the mail. The used postage stamps are the ones that come on nonprofit agency mailings which are trying to get us to make a contribution to their charity. I selected the stamps as the color blue was so similar and I felt it needed something to fill in those big blue areas. I thought the statue man looked a little sad or too serious, hence the choice to use him here.

Using the AmEx brochure I made a base for this. I was attracted to the various shades or grey, white and black. I then used stickers that came on some other junk mail thing. I turned them so they were alternative direction. I chose helmets with dark colors. There was something pleasing about this composition to me.

"Irish Horseman" is one of my favorites. The background again is from that big AmEx watch brochure. I then had this great Irish man on his horse from another tourist brochure for a group tour of Ireland. (My husband's college keeps mailing us travel brochures for tours for alumni. They are expensive trips. The photos and maps inside them are wonderful for using in making ATCs.) I realized this Irish man and his horse would fit nicely on an ATC then realized the colors matched nicely with the watch brochure background. I needed the horse to be walking on something and used close up images of the designer watch bands to make a road with.

I was afraid that the recipient of this ATC would not like it but she enjoyed it so much she not only thanked me by email but also with a snail mail note!

This "Gala" ATC is the combination of three pieces of junk mail. First there was a very colorful invitation to a charity event being held in my town. The turquois color was fantastic. That list is a list of the volunteers that work on the committee. The word 'gala' is from that brochure.

The image of the dancers is from yet another travel pamphlet of a trip to the Riviera in Maya. Lastly to add more color there are pieces from a request to donate money for the annual fundraising drive for the nonprofit organization "All Kinds of Minds" which provided those bars of color (which is part of their letterhead). I absolutely love this one.

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