Saturday, January 13, 2007

Squeezing In Art Time

In between the hustle and bustle I have managed to squeeze in some time to make some ATCs. I have not been able to have a big long day of art making which I am hugely craving right now.

Sometimes the creativity is right at the surface so if I can steal an hour or 90 minutes I can get a lot done. Other times (like this morning) I can sit there for a half hour with nothing coming to me.

Also sometimes to drag out the materials is too daunting (I have to use the kitchen table and to clean it up when done). Sometimes I just get on a roll but have to stop in order to clean it up in time to eat a meal or something like that.

I finished making ATCs which I had creative block for: making ATCs out of recycled boxes. Although I had some interesting boxes for backgrounds I had a hard time embellishing them to spruce them up. I also didn't have a lot of collage materials in the themes that jived with the backgrounds. I am not too happy with the results but since these were for a swap that I had already signed up for, they are going out nonetheless.

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