Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hooray: Received “The Moonlight Chronicles” From Today

I am so happy that finally someone posted “The Moonlight Chronicles: a wandering artist’s journal” by Dan Price to PaperBackSwap. I had this book on my wish list for a number of months.

I did a little happy dance when it arrived in today’s mail.

I look forward to reading this before bed tonight.

Dan Price is a man who is a father who keeps a journal with hand drawings, photographs and text to describe what he sees and what he is doing. In this little journal he shares what he experienced when he was traveling around the United States. He originally published his journal writings in self-published zines and later was offered a book deal. is a free internet site where you post books that you are willing to give away to other members. You then get other books from other members. It basically works on a 1:1 swap basis, you give away one book to earn one credit which you later use to get one book. There is a wish list feature in which you can list books that you want which presently are NOT available to order from another member. If you join and list nine books you immediately are granted one credit to use immediately as a sign-up bonus. Also if you link through from my blog here and then sign up using my online name of ChristineMM then I will get one book credit for a little referral bonus. I thank you in advance if you do this. I use PaperBackSwap to get books about art, crafts, children’s books and books for me and my husband to read. It is a great site. The bottom line is that each book costs you about $1.60 as you pay the postage to send a book to someone else then you pay nothing when a book is being sent to you.

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