Sunday, April 08, 2007

My ATCs: Gesso and Magazine Images Technique

Last month I tried a new technique which I learned from the book "Artist Trading Card Workshop" by Bernie Berlin.

The gist is that you secure a magazine image to a sturdy background and let dry. Apply gesso thinly and let dry. Outline parts with a Sharpie marker.

At that point you have two options. You can either give it another coat then let it dry then outline parts with Sharpie marker. Or you can skip that step.

When you draw with the Sharpies you can highlight the actual things or make up new ones. For example you can simplify the clothing, change the hair, etc. With the gesso you can block out the background to make it solid.

Last you take water soluable oil pastel crayons and color in sections. You smear that and rub it in with your finger.

I have used the fatter Sharpie marker and the very fine point Sharpie marker. I have used one or the other and sometimes I used both on one image.

With the coloring in, I even changed one woman to have blue skin. You can do whatever you want!

It is quite fun.

While doing this my children begged to join in. I let them do whatever they wanted. At the point they asked to do it the gesso was already applied and dry. They did the outlining and the coloring in.

Note also I tried two techniques, one is to do the second coat of gesso but not to re-outline the marker, this left a greyish cast instead of dark black. I also tried one with a colored Sharpie marker.

If you feel confident with your drawing ability you can just paint the gesso onto a surface then draw your own image and use the water soluable oil pastel crayons on it.

So here they are.

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