Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One Trip to Michael’s Craft Store

I made one trip to Michael’s Craft store yesterday after not going there for well over a month. Again this was related to driving by the store on my way to and from the hospital. Again since I was alone and able to browse freely I went in, with a 40% off coupon in hand.

I was disappointed to see that this local store did not carry the Ranger line of alcohol ink products. I was hoping to buy some blending solution.

But there were some great things in the dollar aisle that I wanted to share with you.

The dollar bins were full to the brim!

They had a set of 6 paper, thick coasters decorated with wine images. These could be altered very easily and used as gifts.

There were about six different types of small journals for $1. They ranged in style from hardback book style, to hard covers with a wire spiral. The downside is I am pretty sure they are all lined paper not blank. They were sealed in plastic so I couldn’t see all of them; the lines were not visible on the sides of the pages either. I wish they would make them with blank paper! Still I bought two hardback journals. Some of the designs were pretty floral designs with a vintage feel and wine images. These hardback covers could also be easily altered if you desire.

There were many different styles of note cards at 10 for $1 with many styles that mesh with my style. They also had a few different note card sets with “Thank You” written on them, in styles that I liked.

I bought one very small notepad with a built-in little pen which I plan to keep in my pocketbook.

They also had a lot of different puzzle and activity books for kids but I didn’t buy any.

They had tiny photo albums that I thought might be perfect for holding ATCs. I bought one but when I got home I found out that they are just a fraction of an inch too short for the long end of the ATC. If these were good for ATCs I intended to buy a few more then to alter the covers to look more appealing to my eye.

Lastly they had new sets of foam cube stamps in themes of horses and others with spring flowers on them. I didn’t buy any but they were cute.

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