Sunday, April 08, 2007

My ATCs: By The Sea Swap

I made this collage for a swap with a theme of "By The Sea". I sized the base to perfectly fit 9 ATCs. After the collage was done I sliced it into 9 ATCs.

The base was made with magazine ads from a travel magazine which my library was giving away for free. Some if it wrinkled a bit which bugged me.

It looked too bright so I added a layer of white gesso. That was too thick so I rubbed it off with a paper towel. This left a thinner film and also it made it look distressed. The wrinkles then looked good.

I then went through my scraps and ephemera to add bits to the collage. As you can see I used used postage stamps. I used little round pieces of tissue paper from the party aisle of the dollar store (sold as confetti).

Lastly to fill in blank spots I rubber stamped some seashells and other random images with Staz-On ink.

Note I bent over to pick something up and accidentially inhaled the Staz-On ink. This made me a little dizzy and I felt weird for nearly two hours! The package warns to not inhale the fumes, I can now attest that is not good!

I had fun making this mixed media collage.

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Sarah Ogren said...

That is a very clever idea to make one large collage and then divide it up. Great job!

Deborah said...

girl, your stuff is so amazing!

MaureenB said...

Hey Christine- I just thought I'd check in on your art- Oh how I miss your beautiful cards! The "by the sea" collage turned out great! I love your gesso idea- in fact, I plan to "borrow" it! Happy Creating- Maureen from Long Island (ATC World)

christinemm said...

Hey Maureen, I was thinking of you last night!
I used my Amazon commission from my blog's Amazon link to buy myself "Kaleidoscope" which you recommended. When I got home at about 9pm it was on my doorstep.

Thanks for the compliment.

And remember the gesso technique was not invented by me, I learned it from the book "Artist Trading Cards Workshop" which I highly recommend.

I am having sporadic problems publishing on my blog so my posts here are down as well as on my other (main) blog.

Hope you are well!

christinemm said...

To Deborah and Sarah Ogren thanks for the compliments!

I am way behind in uploading scans of my ATCs to this blog. Sigh. Plus I'm having problems publishing posts to Blogger and have been spending hours trying to diagnose the problem....

christinemm said...

Oh sorry I got the gesso comment confused.

I was thinking not of the gesso technique on this ocean collage, sorry.

I thought you were referring to the gesso technique I blogged about earlier, the one with magazine papers and gesso and Sharpie markers, then using water soluable oil pastel crayons.

I don't know why I got confused, sorry!