Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Children Can Create Art Out Of Anything

Last week my children shouted to me that I must come see what they did.

Here is what I saw when I entered the bathroom.

My children can find ways to make art out of anything. I loved this sculpture.

I love it!

This is creativity at work. My older son designed it, he likes symmetry (and he realizes that and has talked with me about how he likes to use symmetry in both his artworks and in his LEGO building creations).

Some may think this is weird or silly, but I see this as an example of the creative process at work. I love that my children get these ideas and feel free to run with them instead of being worried that I'd be angry that they did this or that someone may criticize them for doing this, call them weird or odd or some other negative thing.

I snapped the photo immediately. We left it to show my husband who didn't quite know what to think or say, then I had the kids put everything back on the shelves where it came from.

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Wanda said...

I love children's art, and I love this piece in particular! it shows that they are open to art at any time with whatever medium is around....not just 'art with set art materials during art time'. :)