Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back in Dodge

I was out of town for three days and three nights. I thought I was going to have Internet access and that I’d be able to blog. Well, I had no Internet access! So I did things unrelated to the Internet. Like I finished reading two books and had relaxing times with my kids and relatives.

We were in cold Cape Cod. I’d never been there in the February before. I had hoped to spend time taking photographs but it was so cold with high winds and I forgot my gloves! And then the cold made the batteries die quickly. I was able to do a bunch of photos shooting from inside our moving car. It was nice to be there when it was basically deserted though.

Anyhow we got home last night. Then today I got up early and ran out the door to attend the public hearing in Hartford about the bill to help parents whose children are enrolled in public school be able to withdraw their children to home educate them. I hope to blog that experience soon. I am still trying to catch up on reading and responding to emails.

I am also thinking deeply about a few issues that are hard to write about and if I can work out the words well enough you can then read what has been on my mind lately. For now I won’t mention them as they are too complicated to explain in just a few words.

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