Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Daycare Worker’s PostSecret

I am a fan of PostSecret because I think it is good for people to not keep secrets and to deal with what they have been hiding. And I am a mail art lover. I love the entire idea of the PostSecret project. With that said some of the PostSecret submissions while true may be shared more for entertainment value than for relieving oneself of a burden that has been carried.

I read this yesterday and it is still on my mind.

I am highly disturbed by this Postcard.

I know that daycare workers are humans with real emotions. I can only imagine the job is stressful. However for this worker and her co-workers to come up with nasty nicknames for the children in their care, including racial and sexual preference put-down's is not only not funny but it is shameful. (Is it right to call a young child a lesbo?) And in some states these names are legally deemed hate crimes. A less severe issue is making fun of a not-yet toilet trained child by calling them names about being a poopy pants is ridiculous, immature and just wrong. The daycare workers are in charge of changing the child's poopy diapers and it should be done ASAP not left that way and to make fun of them for being in a soiled diaper.

If these workers are in over their heads and they are having trouble coping with the stress of working with young children in daycare then they should find a different line of work that they can handle. These children deserve better caretakers, plain and simple.

And I can't wait until the day when this daycare worker has her own children, so she can rethink how she acted and wonder how her own child may be treated by others. I wonder also if she ever does have children if she will put them in daycare?

What bothers me also is that so many parents of children in daycare facilities trust that the daycare workers have the children's best interests at heart and that their children are in the hands of loving, dedicated daycare workers. I bet the parents of these children have no clue that the workers use such nasty nicknames on their precious children.

I am so glad that my own children were not in daycare so they were not fodder for some daycare workers entertainment like this.

I remain disgusted.

Here is the link to the PostSecret site. But before you link through be aware that the postcards change every Sunday and if you wait too long you won't be able to view this postcard on the site. Some of them might contain profanity or nudity for arts sake (as one this week does) and sometimes nudity is there in a more crude way. You may not like all you see so if you are afraid of what you may see don't bother clicking through.

A friend once told me she was disgusted with PostSecret as it was negative. Well some secrets such as those revealing childhood abuses and such are negative but what else could they be--a crime is negative, plain and simple.

Postsecret does not archive the past showcased postcards but there are a bunch of books that have been published full of PostSecrets. Here are links to read more about them (or to buy them from Amazon).

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