Monday, February 11, 2008

Did 14 Collage Pages in My Art Journal

I felt so happy yesterday! I completed 14 pages of collages in my art journal. (Sorry I didn’t scan the pages or take digital pictures of them yet.)

I had been itching for days and days to make art. I was too busy due to homeschooling my kids and going to appointments. Even in my ‘free time’ I felt bogged down by household tasks, laundry and such. Then I had some very necessary shopping to do. I wanted to make some art and play with my materials but I just couldn’t fit much in. Other than a bit of time working with artist trading cards, shoved in between making dinner and homeschooling and stuff like that. What I wanted was a block of time to just play and feel free and not rushed.

Plans to have art play time on Saturday did not come to fruition.

However I did get about 90 minutes of play time in yesterday, in between church and after my husband was done using my studio to do paperwork on (the studio is otherwise known as the kitchen table). Then we were out the door to my mother-in-law’s house for a visit and dinner.

It felt wonderful to make some art.

I went to the basement and grabbed a box of my stash. What the box is, is a baby salad greens plastic bin. I had it filled with mostly ephemera sent to me by other mail art swappers as thank you’s for hosting ATC swaps. Some of it was my random daily ephemera.

I then took out my artist journal and the Golden acrylic gel medium soft gloss gel and a one inch foam brush and got to work.

Some of my favorite pages had brown tones images and text collaged then I collaged sewing patterns on top which made the images and text more subdued and made them sink into the background. I plan to journal (write) on top of these pages.

Other pages have white space for writing (right now I am not sure if they will stay that way) and then they have images and text decorating the pages.

I really was playing around and not judging myself and just working quickly and without analyzing the work.

It felt so wonderful as I reached that ‘flow state’. Hooray!

I was feeling so happy I didn’t even feel angry when my husband said, “It is time to leave now”.

This morning I looked over my pages and am feeling very happy with them. I want to dive into my ephemera again and play some more. However I must go do the homeschooling. I plan to find some way to make time for this kind of work. I might have to start doing this after the kids go to bed at night or something. I’ll need to think of a plan.

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SilverDill said...

Hooray for you! I know how you feel. I so long for time in my "studio" creating art... homeschooling is so time consuming (believe me, I KNOW!). I am almost envious!