Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fun at the Clay Place Today

This week my husband had a birthday and he began a new job. Now that he has a new office I wanted the kids to make him something to put on his desk. Back the last time we did this my older son painted a pre-made pottery piece at the clay place and it looked professional yet was custom decorated by my son.

I also wanted to make myself a mug with my word of the year on it. Now that we have an income rolling in I don't feel badly about spending $22 on one mug for myself.

We had fun at the clay place. We went at about 3pm on this school day so there was no one else in the place.

It was not perfect as my younger son (aged 7.5) was frustrated by imperfection in his painting. My older son (aged 10) made some mistakes and goofed up his original design.

I myself had fun. I was challenged to write well with the bad brushes they had there. Next time I will bring some of my own from home.

I can't wait to see how my mug and what the boys did turns out. They said we'll have to wait about ten days or maybe more.

I accidentially left my camera home so I couldn't take photos which was something I intended to do.

My husband tells a story of how when he was a child he made a few pottery pieces in school for gifts for his father and how his father treasured them. So my husband wanted that with our children and my kids, upon hearing that story, wanted that for my husband too.

It was fun for me today to do something creative.

To be honest I have been bogged down with homeschooling the kids, cramming lots of lessons, doing tons of laundry, doing housework, and being out of the house at various relative's celebration parties.

I am dying to make art here at home but just can't fit it in unless I intentionally stay up late at night or something. Sigh.

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