Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bought Glazing Medium and Books at Library Sale

Okay after 4 days of not leaving the house, last night I got cabin fever. (We were quarantined with a very contagious virus with one of my son’s and the other was sick as well.) Anyway when my husband got home, I burst out of here to go where? To the big craft store with my 40% off one non-sale item in hand.

At the top of my list of things to buy was acrylic glazing medium. The store had only one brand of Glaze in the whole place (Plaid Folk Art--2 oz for $3.99) and it was sold out, confirmed by sales person.

I bought a die cutter in the shape of a postage stamp with my coupon, to use for making collage and ATCs.

They had Anita's acrylic paints on sale for 4/$1. I picked out 4 brown tinted colors to use to make things look vintage.

I really wanted the glaze so off to Home Depot I went (2 minute drive away) and faced the large and scary paint dept. (Did I mention I hate going into Home Depot and avoid it at all costs?) Found a quart of Behr brand “Faux Glaze” for $8.50 (what a bargain). Picked up a few paint samples and a few formica countertop samples for crafting, and ran home to try the glaze.

I knew I was saving those 1 oz. glass jars from hotel condiments for something…I had 16 saved in a box of stuff to use for arts and crafts. They are now filled with 16 different colors of glaze. I used the new colors plus acrylic paints and artist pigments that I already owned.

Wow, this the glaze is great. I tried it on some sample papers. I can’t wait to make ATCs with it.

I also am starting my first altered book tomorrow. Yippee I am happy.

Actually the instructions for how to use the glaze on the wall seem so easy I may just be the one to paint the bathroom which we peeled the wallpaper off of 4 years ago but it remains unfinished…

Oh and on the spur of the moment I went to a library book sale today and bought some books to use in making ATCs and also to use as altered books. That is the ultimate bargain—buying books for $1 or $2 and getting lots of pages to use to make art. I got a great German dictionary and a 5 inch thick English dictionary and an antique book with fish diagrams and an antique trig math textbook plus the ones I will turn into altered books.

My other time today was spent doing housework. Tomorrow I hope to make some art.

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