Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Working on Found Photos ATC Swap

I signed up for an ATC swap using vintage found photos. The hostess was generous and said if any of us don’t have our own vintage photos she’d send us some if we’d send her a self-addressed, stamped envelope. I received more photos than the swap requires, so I get to keep some. The photos must be black and white and the actual photo must be used on the ATC.

I made one ATC three nights ago. I made one ATC two nights ago. I started the last three last night (but they are not finished yet). Each of my ATCs looks very different than the others.

What I am craving is a large block of time to just play and make ATCs. Real life has not allowed that lately, though, so I am squeezing in a little here and there in between whatever else I am doing around here.

I love antique photos. I try to figure out what the story is behind the photo, based on everything I see in the photo from the background to the expressions in the people’s eyes. What I am doing is linking in what I interpret is going on as the theme of the ATC.

When they are finished, and if Blogger’s photo uploading tool is working, I will share these with you.

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