Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thoughts on Transfers vs. Rubber Stamps

Here is the epiphany that I had. It is cheaper to do transfers than to use rubber stamps.

I have not been a big rubber stamp person. Most all of the stamps I have are for my children. I just never got into it and never understood what I'd do with the rubber stamps. I used one on my wedding church program. We used embossing. I have never reused that lovely stamp, though. I own one for party invitations and I do reuse that for my children's birthday parties when I make my own invitations.

I was looking at rubber stamps yesterday and boy are they expensive (if purchased at full retail or even on sale). One image for up to $17! Wow!

It came to me that some of the images are so much like images I see on papers lying around my house. Why not do more transfers and avoid buying rubber stamps for my new hobby?

Why buy a stamp that looks like a collage image when I can just make an original collage?

So that is what I am thinking about today.

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