Thursday, November 10, 2005

Visit to Michael's Craft Store Today

Today I was doing an errand near Michael's Craft Store. I had a coupon that was expiring today for 40% one non-sale item so I headed over there. I picked out my first embossing kit. I plan to use this for making ATCs and whatever else I feel like doing. The kit is a liquid embossing kit and it came with four colors: gold, silver, copper and white. Full price on the kit was $14.99 (not too bad to begin with). This seemed easier than the regular embossing method, but what do I know?

I am going to try and use a small hairdryer that I have on hand here already to do the embossing with. If that doesn't work I will have to either return this and not emboss or I will buy that another day, with another coupon.

I looked at the $1 rubber stamps by Vap! Scrap and told each of my sons that they could select two each. There was a whole bin of scrapbooking embellishments at the same stand, and they were all marked down to $1. These usualy go for $2.99 to $4.99 each package. They were all very small embellishments such as are perfect for making ATCs and also would be great in altered books. Some of the packages had 12 embellishments! All of the embellishments were from "K & Company" and there were many different lines available. I didn't have any of these type of embellishments on hand so I bought some.

I had inquired when I arrived at the store, if they match the coupon for competitive stores and they said yes. I had a 40% off one non-sale item from A.C. Moore in my pocketbook. However when I tried using both they said it is one coupon per person per day even if it is a competitor's coupon. I asked to void out a rubber stamp I had bought (regular price $12.99) so she took it back from me and did something on the register.

The price on the bill seemed high and when I got to the car I checked it and she never took the stamp off the bill. I had to go back in and get this removed. The stamp was still at the register so they knew for sure I was not lying about it!

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