Monday, November 14, 2005

My Suzy Homemaker ATCs

I created these ATCs for a "Suzy Homemaker" ATC swap. We were to decide what our interpretation of a homemaker was. I loved some of them so much that I made extras to swap out, and I kept my favorites. I have other ideas of what a homemaker is, but I was using images from two vintage books and old issues of Mechanix Illustrated magazine, so they ended up being themed with cooking and decorating. I also made some of these with vintage ephemera that belonged to my grandmother (the grocery shopping receipts and product proof of purchases).

If I were to be more true to myself, a homemaker in the year 2005, I would have done some with images of breastfeeding, attachment parenting and homeschooling! In my own world, decorating is not high on my list of priorities as a mother. However I also was reminding myself that not all homemakers are mothers of babies, some homemakers are even senior citizens whose babies have long since flown the coop (not to mention child-less homemakers).

Let me know what you think! (If I had scanned each one individually then you would have been able to see more detail, sorry!).


Wanda said...

Very nice, interesting atcs. Yes, Suzy Homemaker has changed, but I do love the vintage look. My two favorites were the middle ones. The pancake and bacon/sausage background for the b/w line drawing of a wife serving her husband...with a muffin recipe pieced on the card. Also the one of the Dad playing with Tinkertoys with his son, while Mom looks on. They show up fine, when you click on them, then click the enlarge symbol after they are loaded. I loved the use of Betty Crocker coupons and other 'real' vintage scraps too.

christinemm said...

Hi Wanda, Those two were my favorites also so I kept them. The tinkertoys one, was black and white and I hand colored it with my Berol Prismacolor colored pencils. This one cookbook really was like a peek into a time capsule. I bought the cookbook at a book sale for a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. After browsing it to decide on what to use for art, I got attached to it and wanted to keep it. It reeked of cigarette smoke, though, so I did cut it up. In the past I have had success with using Kitty Litter to rid books of cigarette smoke but just wasn't up for another project. (I have a bunch of books waiting to be de-odorized in Kitty Litter and can only do so much.)