Sunday, December 04, 2005

Subscribed to Art and Life & Wish List

With money that my Grandmother is giving me for Christmas I just subscribed to Art and Life magazine. This is a magazine published by Teesha Moore. This is a new magazine.

Issue #1 was sold out. I saw auctions for them selling on eBay for over $20 per issue.

However today, on, I see that they have reprinted additional copies of Issue #1 and they are selling for $10 for that single issue (however shipping is $7---OUCH!).

My 5.5 year old son just asked me what I would like for Christmas. He said that he would write a letter to Santa on my behalf. I asked for Issues #1-4 of Play magazine.

However after I said that I realized that now that I could have Issue #1 of Art and Life, I want that also.

I guess the letter should be amended.

However I reminded my son that Santa only buys presents for children, so this will fall on deaf ears. He got a little emotional and said he wants me to have some things that I want for Christmas, that not just he and his brother receive gifts.

How sweet!

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