Saturday, December 24, 2005

My ATC: Nurturing the World's Future

Here is another of my first ATCs. As with others that I made in the beginning this is just made with magazine cut-outs used to make collage. The baby face is from a magazine ad from an old Mothering magazine and some words from Mothering and O (Oprah) magazine.

Since this was one of my first ATCs, it was made before I saw a lot of other ATCs. My first ATCs had text on them, always, and also had a message behind them. Since I have been trading for four months now I see that many ATCs have no message at all, some are pretty or beautiful while others are themed but don't have some heavy message to them. Just an observation...I am not saying one is more right than the other. As I continue to post scans of my ATCs you may notice that my first ones were more original as they were not being done intentionally to do a themed swap, and they also have text and have a message. My most recent ATCs are not as serious or heavy as my first ones were.

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