Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cool Art and Techniques: Tatt22edGoddess_Art

An artist named Sharon (who lives in Australia) who is on one of the Artist Trading Cards chat groups that I am on has her own Yahoo Group! to display her artwork.

In addition to displaying her artwork on this Group!, Sharon also explains the techniques used on her art. She makes ATCs, altered books, altered CDs, gluebooks, and various other altered art. She experiments in various styles. I especially love that she explains her techniques and that is the reason I joined her Group!; there are plenty of places on the web to look at artwork but there are not many that explain the techniques.

You join the list if you want to view her art. If you are 'no mail' setting then you won't get any emails, you can just view the art in her photo albums and read the information in the files section or browse messages online. If you sign up to receive emails you will receive announcements from the artist and the emails explaining her techniques.

This is not a chat list. Members are not able to email the group or chat.

I find her work very inspiring. Sharon is the one who opened my eyes to the fact that something called 'gluebooks' exists.

This is the name of her Yahoo Group!:

If you are curious you can join her Group then if you are not interested you can unsubscribe, simple as that.

Check it out!

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