Friday, December 23, 2005

Watercolor Pages for My Art Journal

Having Fun Making Art

I painted with watercolors one day when I woke up very early, while everyone else in the house was still sleeping. I squeeze making art in any way that I can.

These were used to make the the base pages of my artist journal.

I snapped this photo as they were drying. I laid them down on my kitchen floor to dry. As you can see the pages curled as they were drying.

After they were dry I ironed them to make them lie flat, then I painted the other sides while we were on a break from homeschooling. Here is a photo of the other side.

Later I bound these pages into a hardcover journal which I have blogged about previously.

I have been having problems uploading images to Blogger. Today I am spending time trying to upload. I am glad these worked! Now only if I could get scans of my ATCs to upload!

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Beautiful pages, Christine! These will be a joy to journal on. I really hope to get back into my two art journals this year.
I saved the corks to two bottles of wine we used over the last few days. I plan to try to carve stamps from them like you did.
You sure are busy with your creativity.